maestro a           Paradise Homes, a true leader in the “built to order” or “truly custom home” industry has been a pivotal cause in raising the bar and standards of builders on Florida’s Treasure Coast causing them to address higher expectations from potential clients and to increase the standard features they provide. It is obvious and evident that other builders with grand aspirations and with grand visions of duplicating Paradise Homes’ success have copied and mimicked its marketing methods and advertising techniques and it is well received by Paradise Homes as it inches the bar up.

            Other builders in their efforts to imitate Paradise Homes have diluted and weakened the concept of a custom home. A true custom home as quoted from Wikipedia is “A one-of-a-kind home that is designed for a specific client and for a particular location”. “Custom homes afford consumers the opportunity to control layout, lot size, and accessibility”. Many builders who claim to build custom homes will provide a choice of floor plans and will allow minor changes and upgrades to the house but rarely to the structure. This is not custom home building! Paradise Homes is a true custom home builder. Paradise Homes provides the opportunity to start from scratch by meeting with one of its architects and designers, together with a member of its construction department to navigate your dream home room by room compiling the final design and floor plan. Paradise Homes will design and build a true custom home on any available lot including Cross Creek Lake Estates in Sebastian. All homes built by Paradise Homes are of the highest quality with affordable pricing.

            Unlike other builders who offer either a Mediterranean or Key West style house, Paradise Homes has the ability to build the design according to the desires of the client. In addition to Mediterranean and Key West styles, Paradise Homes, with its worldly management team is planning, building and offering designs based upon architecture from Bermuda and the West Indies, as well as contemporary and European plans some with elements of the famous “Bauhaus” design known for its appeal in warm climates.

            Paradise Homes, known for its quality construction and workmanship, pays special attention to the detail in both interior and exterior segments enhancing the beauty of the home. Paradise Homes in its quest to continuously raise the bar and seeking to cause other builders to elevate their standards and quality still strives to improve upon its own and reach higher levels of performance. Paradise Homes is the Maestro of Construction!

            Auturo Tuscanini (1867-1957), an Italian Maestro, was considered by many of his peers to be the greatest conductor of his era. He was renowned for his perfectionism, intensity, his phenomenal ear for orchestral detail and sonority, together with his photographic memory, which allowed him to correct errors in orchestral parts unnoticed by his colleagues.

 maestro b           Toscanini had a Biographer who would interview him periodically over the years as part of a major book he was writing. One evening, he called Toscanini and told him that he would be in town the next night, and asked if he could come to the house to interview him. Toscanini answered that he would be doing something special that would require absolute concentration and he did not want to be interrupted. He told the man not to come. “Maestro”, the Biographer asked, “What are you doing that’s so special?” Toscanini replied, “A concert is being played overseas. I used to be the conductor of that symphony orchestra, but I could not be there this year. So I am going to listen over shortwave radio, and hear how the substitute conductor leads the orchestra. I don’t want any interruptions whatsoever”.

            “Maestro, it would be my greatest pleasure to watch how you listen to a concert played by an orchestra that you used to lead. I promise, I won’t say anything. I’ll sit on the other side of the room, quietly.”

            “You promise to be perfectly quiet?” Toscanini asked.


            “Then you can come”.

            The next night, the Biographer came and sat quietly at one side of the room while Toscanini sat at the other side and listened to the concert, which lasted almost an hour. Finally, when it ended, the Biographer remarked, “Wow, wasn’t that magnificent?”

            Toscanini responded, “Not really”.

            “Why not?”

            “There were supposed to be 120 musicians, including 15 violins. Only 14 of them showed up”.

            The Biographer thought Toscanini was joking. How could he know from 4000 miles away, over a shortwave radio, that one of the violinists had not played? The biographer had his doubts, but didn’t’ want to contradict the Maestro, so he left quietly.

            The next morning, though, he was overwhelmed by curiosity and had to find out for himself, so he called the Concert Hall overseas, asked for the Music Director, and inquired as to how many musicians were supposed to have been in the performance the night before, and how many actually played. The Director told him that they were supposed to have 120 musicians, including 15 violinists, but only 14 showed up.

            The Biographer was amazed! He returned to Toscanini and said, “Sir, I owe you an apology. I thought you were just making it up the other night. But please, tell me, how could you know that one violinist was missing?”

            “There is a great difference between you and me,” Toscanini answered. “You are a part of the audience and to the audience everything sounds wonderful. But I am the conductor, and the conductor has to know every note of music that has to be played. When I realized that certain notes were not being played, I knew without a doubt that one of the violinists was missing”.

            The people at Paradise Homes understand and comprehend the difference between a quality home and one that is not or one that has been built cutting corners where the audience was deceived. Maybe, to other builders it doesn’t matter, but to the Maestro, the conductor, and the management of the Paradise Homes Symphony, who know where every piece belongs and how every house should be built- to them it makes a difference! Paradise Homes is building and operating at the highest level while still trying to improve!

            Paradise Homes has the ability to build on your lot, their lot or they will drive you around different neighborhoods in the city of your choice until you find the perfect homesite to build your dream home upon. Paradise Homes is building today from Melbourne to West Palm Beach. Paradise Homes specializes in Vero Beach, Stuart and in Indian River, St. Lucie, Martin and Palm Beach counties.

            Headquartered in Port St. Lucie, Paradise Homes has model homes to view and become acquainted with its standard features and quality. Model homes tours are by appointment only. Contact Paradise Homes today at 1-800-818-1080 to schedule your appointment and let Paradise Homes walk you through the process of constructing your dream home. For more information, visit Paradise’s website,

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