A virtuous builder has been found whose quality is far above rubies. Paradise Homes has become synonymous with superior quality and workmanship, extra attention to detail, a high level of standard features coupled with its unparalleled customer service all at an affordable price.

Exterior Hemingway MedRes (1)Paradise Homes’ strength and honor are meritorious. Paradise Homes is large enough to accommodate your every whim as well as being small enough to oblige your intricate desires for distinctive detail and attention to specialty. Paradise Homes has the virtuous ability to meet the needs and demands of its clients head on while maintaining its high standards of quality on every house that they build regardless of size. Paradise Homes excels above other builders and is worthy of praise.

Paradise Homes builds one-of-a-kind custom homes or they can customize a ready floor plan to meet a buyer’s needs. Paradise Homes caters to the serous buyer and offers model home tours and consultations by appointment only. Paradise Homes is a builder of customized homes, standard type homes and luxury custom homes. Their sophisticated clients are usually those who are selling or have sold their home and are moving up, are relocating to Florida or downsizing from a custom residence into a smaller custom home or customized home.

Clients are assured of individual attention from selection of an area in which to build to final contract, including the selection and review of floor plans, customization and the choosing of flooring, cabinetry and finishes. “We pay attention to the small details that goes into building a house and the small details that our clients want to include in their dream home. We place an emphasis on using high quality materials and workmanship during the construction process in every area that the eye can see as well as behind covered walls. The integrity of the structure is as important to us as our own integrity,” claims Karen Gordon, President of Paradise Homes.

According to Karen, “Some people come to us and compare our pricing with that of low-end builders. You cannot equate the quality, workmanship and materials that are in our homes with that of a no-frills builder. The comparison is as relevant and effective as learning to swim by taking a swimming course online. Quality at rock bottom prices is an oxymoron. Game over.”

Paradise Homes, known for lavishing attention onto its well-qualified clients will set up an initial consultation to learn and understand the clients’ needs and then show models, houses under construction and at times houses that have recently been completed to afford the client a view of their upgraded standards, dependable quality and workmanship.

Based and contingent upon the client’s wish list in addition to encouraging and prompting input, Paradise Homes will have plans drawn, reviewed, modified and perfected outlining each and every vital request and specification made, room by room.

Exterior Emily Grace MedResAfter the initial meeting with a sales representative and upon drafting the new plan, Karen will meet with the client and offer her well-versed expertise, insight and perspective, which are always welcomed. Having mastered her trade and craft together with a woman’s touch, her input includes a trove of ideas gained from decades of experience building new homes. She will make certain that the client fully understands the whole process, timeline and procedures of building their new home so there are no unknowns or surprises ensuring a proper level of comfort.

After contract, clients meet with an interior designer from Paradise’s design department. The designer will accompany them and together select every aspect of cabinetry, floor and bathroom tiles, carpeting and assemble all of the features that will transition and transform their fantasies into their dream home.

“Until now, custom homes were being built exclusively for the prosperous one percent. Today, they are no longer out of reach. Most custom homebuilders’ floor plans range from 3,500 square feet to 6,000 square feet of living area as well as larger plans. Most of the homes being designed and built by Paradise Homes range from 2,000 to 5,000 square feet of living area. If the client wants a smaller home, we will build it to their wishes, wants and desires. Whether we build a small custom or customized home or a large luxurious custom home, it will be delivered at an affordable price,” says Karen. Paradise Homes has lowered the price of a custom and customized homes to that of standard homes.

Paradise Homes has designed and built many homes whose floor plans range from traditional to the ambitious. Paradise Homes strives to and will always fulfill the expectations of its clients. The choice is yours. You can buy your house based upon standard features and floor plans or you can build your home the way you want it with Paradise Homes. Therefore it is obvious that more people seeking to build new homes select Paradise Homes as their builder choice.

Headquartered in Port St. Lucie, Paradise Homes has model homes to view and become acquainted with its standard features and quality. Model homes tours are by appointment only. Contact Paradise Homes today at 1-800-818-1080 to schedule your appointment and let Paradise Homes walk you through the process of constructing your dream home.

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