cake a cutMa r i e – A n t o i -nette, Queen of France, wife of King Louis XIV, after being told that her subjects had no bread, was attributed with saying one of the most famous quotes in history, “Qu’ils De La Brioche” – Let Them Eat Cake”.

Historians attempted to demonstrate the French upper-classes lack of understanding and disregard for the plight of the poor and the fueling of the French Revolution. (Years later historians would dispute that Marie-Antoinette in fact was the one who uttered this phrase, with some claiming it was Maria Theresa of Spain.)

Paradise Homes is a different type of builder. Most builders take a cavalier attitude of “Let Them Eat Cake” and “Take It Or Leave It” when applied to making major or exterior changes.

They will allow minimum changes to the interior which they consider to be “customization” but will not allow modification to the size of the house. This callous disregard for the requests and needs of the client by other builders is not overlooked by ParadiseHomes. On the other hand,Paradise Homes takes the position of “You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!” Paradise Homes will work with you in every which way to satisfy you while keeping your home within budget.

Paradise Homes is a True Custom Home Builder. Paradise Homes will help capture your initial ideas, give you the option to initiate a one-of-a-kind tailor-made custom home floor plan or choose one from their many designs, make changes to enlarge or reduce the square footage, to style interior and exterior alterations in order to create the derivation and origination of your perfect home plan. Paradise Homes will construct and deliver the home in a timely manner to the satisfaction of the client.

King Louis XIV of France is ascribed with saying “L’etat, Cest Moi” – The State, It Is I”- meaning that he was the personification of France, the absolute decision maker and in total control. Paradise Homes is the personification and prototype of a custom home builder.

Paradise Homes appeals to a more sophisticated, intelligent and educated clientele, those who know how to differentiate. Over the years, Paradise Homes has built many homes including homes for northern builders wishing to build their future retirement home. Paradise Homes is the builder for particular people with particular desires emanating from their requests to have their home built according to their dreams.

12-14 bParadise Homes does not claim to be a builder for the masses. Paradise’s construction is based upon quality and not price, even though it has lowered its pricing to that of standard construction. For those near-sighted and unrealistic people who place price over quality, there is a choice of create your own salad and no frills builders to choose from who will accommodate them by starting a bare minimum product allowed by code and increasing features until they reach the maximum price point requested by the client.

Paradise Homes will not compromise and lower the quality of its work and standards provided to conform with this level of workmanship or lack thereof. It is like cooking pasta without bringing the water to a boil. You get the basic pasta but not the ultimate result. This is the essence of this issue. Paradise Homes will distance itself from this concept rather than engage it.

Viva La Differance! Custom Home Building is superior. C’est Tu!

Paradise Homes is not the usual type of builder. They cater to the serious buyer and offer model home tours and consultations by appointment only. Paradise Homes is a builder of customized homes, standard type homes and luxury custom homes. Their sophisticated clients are usually those who are selling or have sold their home and are moving up, are relocating to Florida or downsizing from a custom residence into a smaller custom or customized home.

“Today’s client is used to, and appreciates a higher level of luxury and quality which we give at a competitive and affordable price,” said Karen Gordon, President of Paradise Homes.

Clients are assured of individual attention from selection of an area in which to build to final contract, including the selection and review of floor plans, customization and the choosing of flooring, cabinetry and finishes. Clients sit down with the construction department to gain full understanding of the process, time line and procedures of building their new home so there are no unknowns or surprises ensuring a proper level of comfort.

Quality is standard in every home we build with our emphasis and priority being with the satisfaction of the client. “This is our template for success,” quotes Gordon.

Paradise Homes has the ability to build on your lot, their lot or they will drive you around different neighborhoods in the city of your choice until you find the perfect homesite to build your dream home upon. Paradise Homes is building today from Melbourne to West Palm Beach. Paradise Homes specializes in Vero Beach, Stuart and in Indian River, St. Lucie, Martin & Palm Beach Counties.

Headquarted in Port St. Lucie, Paradise Homes has model homes to view and become acquainted with its standard features and quality. Model homes tours are by appointment only. Contact Paradise Homes today at 1-800-818-1080 to schedule your appointment and let Paradise Homes walk you through the process of constructing your dream home. For more information, visit Paradise’s website,

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