2-07-2014 ParadiseMuch has been said and written about the English poet John Milton and his two famous works, “Paradise Lost” and “Paradise Regained”.  Paradise Lost depicts the Biblical story of the fall of man portraying the creation of Adam and Eve and their temptation of and eventual partaking of the Forbidden Fruit.  For this action they were punished by losing their place and were expelled from the Garden of Eden, also called Paradise.

John Milton, in his worthy sequel, “Paradise Regained”, emphasizes the concept of “Reversals” whereby overcoming and dismissing temptations can revoke and annul the loss of Paradise, rise to the highest pinnacle and participate in the Fruit of Paradise.

Florida is known to be a haven for those who seek a warmer climate, affordable luxury, and a lifestyle to suit everyone’s needs. Florida, having lost its glamour during the past six years, paying the price for those who gave into the temptations of low down payments, risky mortgages and the illusion of amassing quick wealth by flipping houses is now on the rebound. THE FLORIDA DREAM IS BACK! For those people who seek to live the Florida Dream and make use of their Florida home will find that the timing to purchase a home in Florida has never been better. More and more people are turning their past yearnings for Florida into a prologue for their present and future aspirations by building their dream home today and partaking in the fruit of the new Garden of Eden, Paradise in Florida.

Paradise Homes is the vehicle to turn your dreams into reality. Paradise Homes, one of the East Coast’s premier custom homebuilders is building one-of-a-kind, built to order and truly custom homes from Melbourne to West Palm Beach. Paradise Homes emphasizes its quality construction, attention to detail and workmanship, together with its flexibility, customer service and affordable pricing as the key to its success.

Today’s market conditions with pricing and interest rates being at low levels underscores the need to act now. Future expectations and indications lie with the propensity towards escalating prices of both labor and materials, higher interest rates, as well as increases in government permitting and impact fees. Yogi Berra, the former New York Yankee baseball player and manager is known to have said, “It gets late early out here”, as well as “The future ain’t what is used to be”. The longer one waits and procrastinates the higher the price tag will be in the future. Act now and implement your resolution to be in your new home in 2014 by calling Paradise Homes at 1-800-818-1080.

Today’s Paradise Homes buyer is an intelligent person who understands the scope and the complexity of the revival of the housing market. They sense the opportunity at hand and take full advantage of it. Paradise Homes has changed the paradigm of custom single family home construction to incorporate houses of lesser square footage as well as large luxurious homes. Paradise homes has built and is presently building one-of-a-kind truly custom homes that range from 1700 square feet to an excess of 10,000 square feet paying extra attention to detail in each and every house. Paradise Homes has designed and built many homes whose floor plans vary from radical to traditional. Houses are planned taking advantage of the location of the lot, accentuating available panoramic vistas while combining function and beauty.

2-08-2014 Paradise pg 2Paradise Homes caters to the serious buyer and offers model home tours and consultations by appointment only. Their sophisticated clients are usually those who are selling or have sold their home and moving up, or relocating to Florida or downsizing from a custom residence into a smaller custom or customized home.

Paradise Homes, known for lavishing attention onto its well-qualified clients will set up an initial consultation to learn and understand the clients’ needs and then show models, houses under construction and at times houses that have recently been completed to afford the client a view of their upgraded standards, dependable quality and workmanship.

Based and contingent upon the client’s wish list in addition to encouraging and prompting input, Paradise Homes will have plans drawn, reviewed, modified and perfected outlining each and every vital request and specification made, room by room. The construction department will make certain that the client fully understands the whole process, timeline and procedures of building their new home so there are no unknowns or surprises ensuring a proper level of comfort.

After contract, clients meet with an interior designer from Paradise’s design department. The designer will accompany them and together select every aspect of cabinetry, floor and bathroom tiles, carpeting and assemble all of the features that will transition and transform their fantasies into their dream home.

Paradise Homes has the ability to build on your lot, their lot or they will drive you around different neighborhoods in the city of your choice until you find the perfect homesite to build your dream home upon. Paradise Homes specializes in Vero Beach, Stuart and in Indian River, St. Lucie, Martin and Palm Beach counties.

Headquartered in Port St. Lucie, Paradise Homes has model homes to view and become acquainted with its standard features and quality. Model homes tours are by appointment only. Contact Paradise Homes today at 1-800-818-1080 to schedule your appointment and let Paradise Homes walk you through the process of constructing your dream home.

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