New Vs Foreclosure

A Bargain is Not Always a Bargain – Foreclosures vs New Construction

Structural Issues: Many foreclosed homes have been without air conditioning and electrical power for months. Houses can have mold on and behind walls, and may have hidden termite problems.

A new Paradise Home will be treated for termites and give a renewable warranty upon delivery of your new Paradise Home plus newly built homes do not have mold problems.

Prior Homeowner Sabotage: Many foreclosed houses have been damaged before the residents vacated the house to spite the bank. Some people expecting to move did not take care of the necessary maintenance of change items that required replacement.

A new Paradise Home has been inspected, has warranties, and is properly built and equipped according to our new standard features list.

Theft from empty Houses: Many foreclosed houses have been vandalized and may be missing appliances, air conditioning systems, hot water heaters, doors, shutters, and cabinets.

A new Paradise Home will be fully equipped according to our new standard feature list with Energy Efficient central air conditioning systems and appliances.

Without Warranty: Many foreclosed houses come “AS IS” without any warranties or, at best, with “limited warranties”.

Your new Paradise Home will have current builder and manufacturer warranties for all your appliances, air conditioning system, water heater, and roof.

Know yours Costs: With foreclosed houses you know your initial cost and ONLY after all the work has been completed, equipment replaced and maintenance done will you know the final cost of the house. If you require additional work, the funds will not come from a mortgage but will be out of pocket expenses. Many people miscalculate the true amount of money needed to complete the work and have ended up in trouble—sometimes ending up losing their home to foreclosure.

With your new Paradise Home you will know your contracted price up front with NO hidden fees.

Neighborhood and Choices: A foreclosed house is situated on the lot the previous buyer chose and with color selections, tile, carpet, cabinets, countertops and other choices—all made by someone else. If it is an older home it might not have hurricane shutters and may not be built to the updated building codes, which means higher insurance premiums.

Your new Paradise Home will be built according to YOUR specifications in the neighborhood and lot YOU choose. YOU choose the floor plan and interior and exterior colors, floor tile, bathroom tile, cabinets, countertops, etc. All Paradise Homes come equipped with hurricane shutters and either meet or exceed the new hurricane codes and regulations. This means lower insurance premiums.

Bank Bid: With a foreclosed house you may place a bid to a bank and only after months of waiting, you will know if your offer was accepted or not.
With your new Paradise Home in most cases, your home will be completed and delivered to you within 6 months from the date of your contract.

With today’s low interest rates, lower prices, and bank incentives for new construction, NOW is the time to get started in choosing your new Paradise Home

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