Most of the homes being designed and built by Paradise Homes range from 2,000-7,500 square feet of living area. If the client wants a smaller home or a larger home we will build it to their wishes, wants, and desires. Whether we build a small custom or customized home or a large luxurious custom home, it will be delivered at an affordable price.

Initially we will show and use our models as a starting point for interaction with our clients. We do not show models as models per se but make use of them to offer a glimpse into the type of workmanship and quality we provide.

After viewing the models an appointment is set to meet with our in-house architect where we will sit down with the client and together plan, draft, individualize, and navigate their dream home room by room transforming their wish list into reality. We will work with the client and give them the opportunity to choose every aspect of their new home having input from the planning and sizing to features and front elevations.

Our biggest advantage is in listening to what the client wants as opposed to telling the client what comes standard with the house as well as what minor changes or upgrades can be done.
Paradise Homes will work with the client and Paradise’s in-house architect making design changes while keeping the house within budget. Upon reaching full satisfaction from the client that all expectations have been met Paradise Homes will prepare and present a copy of the Final Plan for signature and proceed towards signing a contract and begin the permit process and construction of their dream home.

We pay attention to the small details that go into building a house and the small details that our clients want to include in their dream home.

Houses are planned taking advantage of the location of the lot accentuating available panoramic vistas while combining function and beauty.

We have changed the paradigm of single family home building and have returned custom to our customers at an affordable price!