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  1. Paradise Homes agrees to pay Realtors/Brokers (3%) on the base price of home. This does not include lot, lot prep, impact fees or utilities. Realtors/Brokers will be paid up front at time of closing on the construction loan.
  2. Registration of customer will not be honored if the customers have visited any of Paradise Home’s model homes or submitted a web/email inquiry of their own or are in anyway registered in the leads database by Paradise Homes prior to this registration. We cannot honor any “after the fact” registrations when Paradise Homes has met with the customer prior to your registration. Realtor/Broker MUST accompany customer on the first initial visit into the Paradise Homes sales office.
  3. Realtors/Brokers who register a customer will be protected for a period of 45 days from the date of registration. Paradise Homes may grant an extension upon written request, any such extension shall be in writing or it is invalid. If 45 day period expires without an extension, Paradise Homes is authorized to work directly with the same customer without any obligation to the below signed realtor/broker names on this registration form.
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